Shocking News that Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd successfully invented the permanent magnet linear motor

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Brief Content: Great news that Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Successfully invented permanent magnet linear motor on December, 2016. This is global innovation and a historic moment that excites all!!!

Full Content: On December, 2016, Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd successfully invented the new type permanent magnet linear motor, a historic moment and great innovation that transfer linear motion into linear reciprocating motion. As linear motor has more simplified structure without transmission, it has minimum friction, fastest speed and highest accuracy.

Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd, formerly known as Huayi Transmission& Control Technology Co., Ltd. is the sub company of Guangzhou Maite Motor Group, which was founded in 1999 and specialized in industrial auto products and provide relevant technology consultation. We specialize in precisely made parts relating to transmission and control technology in auto field, and build a whole complete supply system for precise mechanical engineering manufacturers. WE are the agents for brands such as Taiwan XINGLONG, CUTIC, HIWIN, TAC, TANZI, TONGXING, CHENGBANG,etc.

The innovative technology clarifies the strong R&D power of Huayi, it also indicates that Huayi has the core technology to develop multiple product range. With the motto of “Technology Creates Future, Quality Builds Brand”, Huayi is dedicated to developing innovative products relating to industrial auto field, constantly seeking premium quality and design, and incorporating technology and humanity into products for better future life.




本次的技术创新不仅向整个行业展示了华一传动技术有限公司的实力,更说明华一传动有更多的机会向新的领域发展。“科技成就未来,质量铸就品牌”, 华一传动致力于研发开拓创新工业自动化产品,追求卓越的产品性能和更加人性化设计,不断将高科技与人性化设计融入到产品中,让人们的生活变得更加美好多彩!