Huayi was invited to attend the 2017 HK&Asia International Adult Show

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On August, 29th, 2017, Huayi attended the 2017 HK&Asia International Adult Show, displaying it’s new linear thrusting pulsator and getting the hot market focus.

In recent years, Asia witness a fast growing market for adult products due to its more open sex consciousness, especially among young couples. So sex toys have become a necessity. Huayi’s new technology linear motor come just at the right time and immediately apply it on sex toys and develop the 1st and 2nd generation thrusting pulsator. In August, the 3rd G pulsator-HYZD03 followed, upgraded by copying the gold finger of Kato, who is Japan’s AV Godfather. This product brought more fun and passion for sexual life.

The show bring Huayi’s technology into international market and got positive feedback from customers. It is our belief that Huayi will be the benchmark enterprise for high end adult products.

华一传动受邀参加2017 香港亚洲国际成人用品展览会

【简讯】2017年8月29号,华一参加了2017 香港亚洲国际成人用品展览会(AAE),向全世界隆重介绍了爱思尼系列产品——直线抽插拟真震动棒。此次展会把爱思尼系列的产品推上了市场热潮。

近年来亚洲成人市场发展较快,人们的性意识越来越开放,夫妻之间也需要更多的情趣,而年轻的情侣更喜欢借助外来的用具来增加激情度,因此性福生活不能没有情趣用品。而华一传动此时应运而生,于2016年研发出直线电机,并从直线电机上获得灵感,孕育出第一代、第二代直线抽插拟真震动器。在今年的8月,爱思尼第三代直线抽插拟真震动器- HYZD03诞生,在兼具前两代优点的基础上,加入了加藤鹰“黄金手指”的功能,让性生活的体验更愉悦、激情。

此次携产品一起参加2017 香港亚洲国际成人用品展览会(AAE),让爱思尼在国内国际市场上大放光彩,进而将爱思尼系列产品推向市场热潮。相信在不久的将来,爱思尼会成为国内中高端成人用品市场的标杆企业。