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Expecting the future, moving forward and upward

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Huayi will definitely apply its core technology linear motor on more products, constantly enriching its product portfolio, such as pulsator, masturbator, anal plug, etc. Huayi will also develop further into health and massage field, military field, etc.

Recent years have witnessed a great potential demand for adult toys. Ever since 2002, all body embeded silicone is removed from the control list of medical device. In 2011, China Reproductive Health Standard Technology Committee was founded and began to set standard for sex toys; From the perspective of social environment, people’s sex consciousness are aroused, which will further push forward the development and diversity of adult products, and with 47 million left behind women and  180 million single adults, we can expect a tremendous market needs for adult products.

Nowadays women’s social status have improved a lot due to their independence in thought and income. They become more self oriented and pursue more on their own desire deep in heart, including the female sex toys that enrich their lives to great extent. Huayi developed 3 types of thrusting pulsators based on linear technology and display them on 2017 HK&Asia International Adult Show and 2017 Shanghai International Adult Show.

Huayi’s products branded under the name AISNN caught pulibic interest upon its display. Huayi will definitely keep moving on developing more products such as pulsators, masturbators, anal plug, etc. Huayi will also move on into more fields like health and massage, beauty device, military, etc, providing high quality functional products with its unique technology and sincere services.




【简讯】华一将会把公司的核心技术发挥到极致,后续将会不断丰富爱思尼系列的成人用品,除了直线抽插拟真震动棒,飞机杯,跳蛋 等等。华一也将进军保健按摩用品行业,军工业,等等




Huayi became the new focus of 2017 Shanghai International Adult Show

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On April, 2017, Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Attended Shanghai International Adult Show and caught great public attention for its new technology and products. Many visitors express the sincere desire for deep cooperation with Huayi.

The 1st and 2nd G thrusting pulsators are displayed on show, they are both developed based on Huayi’s linear motor. Both pulsators imitate real human sexual intercourse via purely linear force. Adjustable speed and frequency can adapt to different sexual needs.

The show not only expand huayi’s markets but also expand our international horizon and motivates us to develop more products and create more health and fun for people from all over the world.







Huayi’s 3rd G thrusting pulsator out

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On April, 2017, Huayi attended the 2017 Shanghai International Adult Show, caught great public attention and got positive feedback from customers.On April, 2017, Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Attended Shanghai International Adult Show and caught great public attention for its new technology and products. Many visitors express the sincere desire for deep cooperation with Huayi.

3rd G thrusting pulsator was developed on August, 2017. It was further upgraded on shape and function with the same core technology linear motor. Huayi’s 3rd G pulsator was developed via copy of the gold finger of Japan’s AV godfather Kato Hawk, imitating its powerful frequency for sex warm up. The pulsation creates the feel of your lover’s finger on your sensitive body part, igniting sexual passion deep in your heart and soul.

Huayi’s linear motion thrusting can create sexual pleasure that other fellow products cannot generate.

AISNN is trying to offer trustworthy product in adult world via its pursuit for uniqueness in quality and overall design. Each product comes from AISNN’s desire for perfection, and desire for winning trust from customers.

Therefore, the 3rd  pulsator together with the previous 2 types form a complete set for buyer’s selection. Sexual pleasure cannot be created without “AISNN”




华一爱思尼(aisnn)第三代直线抽插拟真震动器HYZD03除了兼具前两代的全部优点外,还加入了日本AV教父加藤鹰的“黄金手指”的灵感, 并研究加藤鹰手指律动的频率,强力震颤,做足前戏。所以,无论是触感和频率都像爱人的手指在体内温柔的抚摸兴奋点。极致欲望由体外蜜豆及身体深处同时迸发点燃,唤醒通往灵魂的震颤。




Huayi was invited to attend the 2017 HK&Asia International Adult Show

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On August, 29th, 2017, Huayi attended the 2017 HK&Asia International Adult Show, displaying it’s new linear thrusting pulsator and getting the hot market focus.

In recent years, Asia witness a fast growing market for adult products due to its more open sex consciousness, especially among young couples. So sex toys have become a necessity. Huayi’s new technology linear motor come just at the right time and immediately apply it on sex toys and develop the 1st and 2nd generation thrusting pulsator. In August, the 3rd G pulsator-HYZD03 followed, upgraded by copying the gold finger of Kato, who is Japan’s AV Godfather. This product brought more fun and passion for sexual life.

The show bring Huayi’s technology into international market and got positive feedback from customers. It is our belief that Huayi will be the benchmark enterprise for high end adult products.

华一传动受邀参加2017 香港亚洲国际成人用品展览会

【简讯】2017年8月29号,华一参加了2017 香港亚洲国际成人用品展览会(AAE),向全世界隆重介绍了爱思尼系列产品——直线抽插拟真震动棒。此次展会把爱思尼系列的产品推上了市场热潮。

近年来亚洲成人市场发展较快,人们的性意识越来越开放,夫妻之间也需要更多的情趣,而年轻的情侣更喜欢借助外来的用具来增加激情度,因此性福生活不能没有情趣用品。而华一传动此时应运而生,于2016年研发出直线电机,并从直线电机上获得灵感,孕育出第一代、第二代直线抽插拟真震动器。在今年的8月,爱思尼第三代直线抽插拟真震动器- HYZD03诞生,在兼具前两代优点的基础上,加入了加藤鹰“黄金手指”的功能,让性生活的体验更愉悦、激情。

此次携产品一起参加2017 香港亚洲国际成人用品展览会(AAE),让爱思尼在国内国际市场上大放光彩,进而将爱思尼系列产品推向市场热潮。相信在不久的将来,爱思尼会成为国内中高端成人用品市场的标杆企业。

The first product developed based on linear motor come out

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On March, 2017, the first product developed based on linear motor come out, it is the 1st Generation thrusting pulsator branded under AISNN, and caught the public attention. On April, the 2nd G thrusting pulsator was developed, which added the massage function for clitoris.

The 1st G thrusting pulsator-HYZD01

This is pulsator based on globally unique linear motor technology, stimulating G spot greatly and reach orgasms easily, bring more fun to life. Imitating real human sexual intercourse to ignite your sexual pleasure and reach orgasms.  6 vibration modes for preferred frequency for your sexual pleasure needs.

2nd G linear thrusting pulsator-HYZD02

This linear thrusting pulsator was added the clitoris massage function. Flexible double head design, the rabbit ear for stimulating teat and main vibrator for stimulating G spot. Perfectly shape and size design for female to reach orgasm. 3 vibration modes for selection.

Both 1st and 2nd G pulsators are made of food grade silicone that simulates real human skin, bring greatest sexual pleasure while ensuring safety. Waterproof design, can be washed in water, wipe dry with clean towel for storage; premium packaging for discreet purpose.

Both items of pulsators bring Huayi into adult markets and began its aggressive market exploration with the patented unique linear technology.


2017年3月,全球首创直线电机的第一个应用孕育而生,直线电机的首个应用是华一旗下的爱思尼(aisnn)品牌系列的成人用品——第一代直线抽插拟真震动棒,直线抽插拟真震动棒的横空出世。得到了行业的高度关注和热烈反应。同年4月,爱思尼(aisnn)第二代直线抽插拟真震动棒诞生,在第一代原有的基础上增加了阴蒂按摩功能 。

第一代直线抽插拟真震动器- HYZD01


第二代直线抽插拟真震动器- HYZD02




Shocking News that Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd successfully invented the permanent magnet linear motor

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Brief Content: Great news that Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. Successfully invented permanent magnet linear motor on December, 2016. This is global innovation and a historic moment that excites all!!!

Full Content: On December, 2016, Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd successfully invented the new type permanent magnet linear motor, a historic moment and great innovation that transfer linear motion into linear reciprocating motion. As linear motor has more simplified structure without transmission, it has minimum friction, fastest speed and highest accuracy.

Shenzhen Huayi Transmission Technology Co., Ltd, formerly known as Huayi Transmission& Control Technology Co., Ltd. is the sub company of Guangzhou Maite Motor Group, which was founded in 1999 and specialized in industrial auto products and provide relevant technology consultation. We specialize in precisely made parts relating to transmission and control technology in auto field, and build a whole complete supply system for precise mechanical engineering manufacturers. WE are the agents for brands such as Taiwan XINGLONG, CUTIC, HIWIN, TAC, TANZI, TONGXING, CHENGBANG,etc.

The innovative technology clarifies the strong R&D power of Huayi, it also indicates that Huayi has the core technology to develop multiple product range. With the motto of “Technology Creates Future, Quality Builds Brand”, Huayi is dedicated to developing innovative products relating to industrial auto field, constantly seeking premium quality and design, and incorporating technology and humanity into products for better future life.




本次的技术创新不仅向整个行业展示了华一传动技术有限公司的实力,更说明华一传动有更多的机会向新的领域发展。“科技成就未来,质量铸就品牌”, 华一传动致力于研发开拓创新工业自动化产品,追求卓越的产品性能和更加人性化设计,不断将高科技与人性化设计融入到产品中,让人们的生活变得更加美好多彩!